Radiant Skin and Body specializes in ​transformative acne treatments.

Whether you're struggling with hormonal ​acne, cystic breakouts, or lingering acne ​scarring and hyperpigmentation, Radiant ​Skin and Body has personalized solutions ​tailored to your unique skin concerns.

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acne program


face reality acne program

Personalized Skin Care Routine.

Bi-Weekly Acne Treatments.

Lifestyle Guidance.

Visible results in 90 days.



Joni Gibson

  • Licensed Esthetician with over 18 years of ​experience providing personalized skincare ​services for a diverse clientele.
  • Certified Acne Specialist since 2017.​
  • Owner of Radiant Skin and Body (est. 2012)

At the heart of Radiant Skin and Body is a dedication to making ​every client feel truly cared for on a personal level.

As your esthetician, my greatest joy comes from empowering ​you to feel radiant and confident in your own skin. Whether ​addressing acne breakouts, tackling specific concerns, or ​simply encouraging self-care, our journey together is about ​much more than skincare treatments.

Radiant Skin and Body

Holland, Michigan


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